#Christmas – It’s a wrap !

Watching present wrapping is one of the most satisfying thing E-V-E-R ! Oh my god, I can spend hours on Youtube binge watching people while they wrap: folding perfectly the paper, adding pretty bows, placing the ribbons, writing their cards etc. And you will all agree, Christmas is the perfect time of the year for it !

This year I am going for brownish kraft paper with a striped red and white ribbon. The name tags will be glittery red and I will add a tiny bit of pine foliage stuck between the knot. Quite difficult to explain but I’ll certainly upload a picture on Instagram once they are all done. You’ll see !

Well, if you’re like me, a Christmas wrapping enthousiast, you’ll enjoy the pictures below. They will give you ideas and inspirations if you have no idea yet about what you’re going for this year.

Here is my selection of the prettiest Christmas wrapping found on Pinterest

1. Kraft paper

2. Dark paper

3. Colorful paper


Ok so now I can’t wait to wrap my presents !!

Oh and remember, if you want to follow my Christmas madness, check out my Pinterest !

See you soon,

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  • Michèle 1 year ago Reply

    Petite préférence pour le papier kraft mais ils sont tous jolis !

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